2016 Black & Red Committee

Rebecca Corbin Loree, Co-Chair
Connie Weaver, Co-Chair

John Alves
John Byrnes
Marla Byrnes
Sheila Elliot
Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty
Lori Flaks
Carrie Hammond
Susan Hatch
David Holmgren
Lauren Jones
Barry Kriesberg
Debbie Markowitz
Debbie May
Julie Meehan
Sean Meehan
Thea Montanez
Lokesh Nigam
Susan Rottner
David Santoro
Beth Shluger
William B. Thomson
Nadine Francis West
Nancy Zwiener

The Bone & Joint Institute at 
Hartford Hospital Physicians, LLC

Michael S. Aronow, MD
Duffield Ashmead, MD
Michael T. Baldwin, MD
Peter R. Barnett, MD
Harpreet S. Baweja, MD
Gerald J. Becker II, MD
Ross A. Benthien, MD
Nicholas A. Bontempo, MD
Lauren Burke, MD
Jeffrey K. Burns, MD
Kevin J. Burton, MD
Arsenio M. Bustos, MD
Andrew E. Caputo, MD
Robert Carangelo, MD
Mark T. Chin, MD
David Y. Chung, MD
Vincent T. Codispoti, MD
Stephen Davis, MD
Thomas W. Dugdale, MD
Jesse G. Eisler, MD
Kevin J. Finkel, MD
Ethan B. Foxman, MD
William J. Glucksman, MD
Ryan W. Kaliney, MD
Charles B. Kime, MD
Benjamin Kong, MD
W. Jay Krompinger, MD
Stephan C. Lange, MD
Christopher J. Lena, MD
Courtland G. Lewis, MD
Eric Lui, DPM
Nathan D. Mark, DO
Daniel J. Mastella, MD
Michael J. McCormick, MD
Pietro A. Memmo, MD
Michael A. Miranda, MD
Douglas D. Montgomery MD
Paul B. Murray, MD
Durgesh G. Nagarkatti, MD
James F. Nugent, DPM
David Kun Peng, MD
Clifford G. Rios, MD
Christopher J. Scola, MD
Mark Shekhman, MD
Ashley Shepard, DPM
Richard Sheppard, MD
Eric W. Silverstein, DPM
Jennifer A. Sposito, MD
Raymond J. Sullivan, MD
John F. Tiernan, MD
John A. Vischio, MD
H. Kirk Watson, MD
Erik L. Youmans, MD
Gordon A. Zimmermann, MD



Black & Red 2016


Thank you to our sponsors and guests. Because of your support, the 2016 Black & Red netted over $1 million for Hartford HealthCare’s Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital! Your support will go a long way to help us bring innovative, coordinated orthopaedic and musculoskeletal care into one facility, integrating all elements of treatment.  

To see a full list of sponsors and donors for 2016, please click here.  For photos from the event, please visit photographer Brian Ambrose's website

The Black & Red was broadcast live on NBC CT, and helped kicked off our Step It Up campaign to encourage people to increase their activity level for 30 days. The mpore active you are, the less likely it is that you'll face bone and joint issues as you age. To learn more about the campaign, and to take the pledge to step up your activity, please visit our campaign website.

To view the NBC Broadcast, please click the video below: