Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) invites you to join Honorary Golf Committee Chair, Bill Zampaglione, VP, Real Estate of PAC Group LLC, on Monday, June 5th as the 21st Annual CHH Golf Classic returns to Torrington Country Club.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital is grateful for the longtime patronage of PAC Group LLC, which has committed to supporting the CHH Golf Classic as our 2023 Presenting Sponsor—the highest level of sponsorship. This year’s Golf Classic will benefit the Children’s Behavioral Health and Pet Therapy Program at the Center for Youth and Families.

“We are proud and happy to support Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, and always will be,” shared Zampaglione. “We see the positive impact CHH has on thousands of local lives each year and supporting CHH’s mission is great for our community.”

Zampaglione has a personal connection to Charlotte Hungerford. Having been born and raised in Torrington, he visited CHH several times for care—mostly for sports injuries from his youth—and grew up with many friends with parents who worked at the Hospital. His three grandchildren were also born at Charlotte Hungerford.

“There was no hesitation on my family’s part for our grandchildren to be delivered and treated by local pediatricians at CHH,” says Zampaglione. “Having lived and worked in this area my entire life, I’ve always had a keen awareness of Charlotte Hungerford, its ability to deliver quality care, and its importance to our community.”

Zampaglione says he and his PAC Group LLC colleagues are looking forward to the spirit of friendship that the Golf Classic brings to the community.

“PAC Group LLC has been a sponsor of the CHH Golf Classic for several years and it’s great to experience the camaraderie of the tournament. Everybody is out there on the same playing field and it doesn’t matter if you’re the police chief, a surgeon, a construction worker, or a retiree—everyone has a good time playing golf and enjoys the opportunity to share their support for Charlotte Hungerford.”

“We are so grateful for PAC Group LLC’s continued and unwavering support of Charlotte Hungerford and the Annual Golf Classic,” said Lynn Rossini, VP of Philanthropy at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital. “The proceeds from this year’s tournament will provide needed support for our Children’s Behavioral Health and Pet Therapy Program at the Center for Youth and Families—a professional mental health center that assists children, adolescents, and families throughout Northwest Connecticut with emotional, behavioral, and developmental difficulties. We’re gearing up for what looks to be another successful tournament and celebration of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital—and we can’t wait to see everyone there!”

Please visit to learn more about Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s 21st Annual Golf Classic and how you can connect your name or brand with Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, while also directly supporting the Hospital’s mission to improve the health and healing of people within the community.

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