Hartford Hospital Philanthropy congratulates and thanks our colleague Maria Sepulveda for serving as the 2024 Black & Red Featured Artist. Maria, a medical assistant from the Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital, is the first Hartford HealthCare colleague to be named a Featured Artist for the annual gala.

Her painting, Your Trust is in Our Hands, was selected amongst dozens of colleague submissions to drive the theme of the 2024 Black & Red—which was held on April 6th at The Bushnell. Maria and her husband Francisco Suarez attended the event as honored guests, where her bold and beautiful artwork was prominently displayed throughout the venue.

“My motivation for this painting is the same motivation I have every day when working with patients individually, empathetically, and responsibly. I want patients to feel that I see them as individuals, that I care about their situation, and that I am not there to judge them. It is of utmost importance that patients feel they can trust us.” –Maria Sepulveda

You can learn more about the 2024 Black & Red and explore the gala’s online photo gallery here.