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Send a check to
Hartford Hospital
Department of Philanthropy
80 Seymour Street
PO Box 5037
Hartford, CT 06102-5037

Please include a note or a memo on the check that states "Neighborhood Health."

Ask your friends and family to help.
You can set up a fundraiser through your personal Facebook account to support our Neighborhood Health Program. Simply follow Facebook's directions, select Hartford Hospital as your charity of choice, and share! All funds raised will be transferred automatically to Hartford Hospital directly from Facebook.

Support Neighborhood Health

Help advance health equity and bring our experts where they are needed

Neighborhood Health

Our Neighborhood Health initiative is designed to bring more preventive healthcare services and support directly to the people and communities we serve. It’s part of Hartford Hospital’s and Hartford HealthCare’s larger commitment to helping all people live their healthiest lives by providing more outreach and healthcare opportunities throughout Connecticut.

You can help. Your donation to our Neighborhood Health program will support a variety of health services, including screenings, mental health counseling, medical referrals, vaccines, education, and support.

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