The 1854 Society recognizes those individuals who have informed us that they have made provisions for Hartford Hospital in their estate plans.

Named for the year in which Hartford Hospital was founded, these provisions are through a bequest, life-income gift, or other planned gift. The 1854 Society celebrates a tradition of philanthropy that began in the hospital’s early years with the first bequest to the hospital from Board Director, David Watkinson, and continues today through the thoughtful planning of the individuals who comprise its membership.

The word “philanthropy” derives from the Greek words “philos” meaning “beloved, dear, and friendly”, and “anthropos” meaning “humankind.” It is, indeed, a love for mankind that has characterized the close relationship between Hartford Hospital and its community since this institution was founded, and is well-reflected in the distinguished roster of The 1854 Society. Its members are valued partners in the hospital’s vision to be the regional provider of complex and innovative care.

Qualifying Commitments

The following kinds of commitments will qualify you for membership in The 1854 Society:

  • a bequest provision for Hartford Hospital in your will or revocable trust
  • a life-income gift that names the hospital as a remainder beneficiary, such as a charitable remainder trust, a charitable gift annuity, or a pooled income fund gift
  • a charitable lead trust that provides income to the hospital for a term of years, and distributes remaining assets to your designated individual beneficiaries
  • a charitable beneficiary designation of qualified retirement plan assets
  • a gift of your life insurance policy and reassignment of its death benefit
  • a gift of non-cash assets
  • any method of conveyance for such gift assets that meets the approval of our Gift Acceptance Committee.

All members of The 1854 Society are invited to an annual luncheon, and Department of Philanthropy publications may include your name(s) to give well-deserved recognition for your thoughtful planning and encourage others to do the same. Such listings and qualification for membership provide no hierarchy or indication of the potential value of your gift plans. Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous, your name(s) will not be disclosed or published.

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