Pictured Above: Yvette & Arthur Eder. Photo courtesy of The Yvette & Arthur Eder Foundation

When patients are admitted to Hartford Hospital, many times their first thought or worry is not based on their health or recovery, but on their loved ones and responsibilities outside of treatment—particularly if they are a parent or guardian.

“Unfortunately, too often I see patients and their families grow concerned with financial responsibilities outside of the cost of treatment itself,” shares Moriah Thibodeau, LCSW, LICSW, OSW-C, a social worker from the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at Hartford Hospital and its Harry and Helen Gray Cancer Center. “Many patients have high deductibles, medication costs, or co-pays that they are now having to factor into their monthly expenses.”

The Yvette & Arthur Eder Foundation was founded on a wish from its namesakes to help sick or distressed children and their families during a challenging time. The Foundation—a generous supporter of Hartford Hospital and its patients—was created by Yvette and Arthur’s daughter Jill as a way to honor their legacy and love for children. It has since supported many Hartford Hospital patients and families in need by providing financial assistance.

“I’m a social worker by training, that’s why I’m interested in helping people” shares Jill Eder. “The Foundation’s purpose is to help patients down on their luck and people who are experiencing something that has changed their lifestyle.”

“There is a great deal to be said about the significance of relieving patients and families from financial stress to enhance their focus on health and healing,” adds Thibodeau. “Financial assistance offers peace of mind and allows patients to appreciably engage with their healthcare team. For some, financial assistance can be the decisive factor on whether they actively pursue a potentially life-saving treatment or forgo it due to apprehensions about associated expenses.”

“We give Hartford Hospital the power to distribute the funds to their patients so they can get back on their feet again. It’s how we can remember my parents and carry on their good work.”

“Hartford Hospital is so appreciative to the Eder Foundation for their consistent and substantial support of our patients and their loved ones,” said Lynn B. Rossini, VP of Philanthropy at Hartford Hospital. “Jill Eder has been an amazing friend to our hospital and we have immense gratitude—not only for her strong philanthropic support—but for her advocacy in the fight against financial toxicity in healthcare.”

If you would like to explore the different ways you can give to Hartford Hospital, please visit our Ways to Give webpage or contact a member of our Philanthropy Team