Pictured Above: The 1854 Society welcomed several new members who committed to including Hartford Hospital in their estate plans. Pictured left to right: Lynn B. Rossini, VP of Philanthropy at Hartford Hospital, Raymond and Taryn Fredericksen, Jeffrey A. Flaks, president & CEO of Hartford HealthCare, Rob Keane, Senior Philanthropic Officer at Hartford Hospital, Karen and Marc Reich, and Bimal Patel, president of Hartford & Northwest Regions, SVP, Hartford HealthCare.

On September 14, 2023, members of the 1854 Society gathered at their Annual Meeting to share stories and a toast to both Hartford Hospital and their shared community’s health.

In attendance were dozens of 1854 Society members who committed to include Hartford Hospital in their estate plans, as well as several Hartford Hospital and Hartford HealthCare leaders who took the opportunity to personally update philanthropic supporters on the latest news and accolades from the hospital and healthcare system. Several new members were also welcomed into the Society, receiving their 1854 Society pins from hospital leaders during a recognition ceremony.

Sally D’Aquila, this year’s 1854 Society Honorary Chair, welcomed fellow members to the annual gathering by sharing her hopes for Hartford Hospital’s future—namely, its response to creating greater health equity in the region.

“An individual’s zip code should not determine their lifespan or how they experience healthcare—we should all be able to live our healthiest lives in the place we call home,” shared D’Aquila, who applauded her fellow 1854 Society members’ commitment to the hospital and Hartford HealthCare’s efforts to create greater access to care in all communities.

“We are in a wonderful moment with our healthcare system,” shared Jeffrey A. Flaks, president & CEO of Hartford HealthCare, as he thanked members for their support, commitment, and ambassadorship.

“What matters most is that we’re providing world-class healthcare to our community—and whenever someone encounters our healthcare system, we have the highest quality of scores. We are working to provide care that is affordable, accessible, and better.”

Bimal Patel, president of Hartford and Northwest Regions, and SVP, Hartford HealthCare, shared that the strength of the hospital is better today than ever before—thanks in large part to the 1854 Society and the hospital’s donor network.

“You should feel good about your investment in Hartford Hospital,” added Patel. “Our standards are being adopted by many other hospitals across the country. Hartford Hospital and Hartford HealthCare are leading the charge as we take care of your neighbors and families—it’s who we are.”

Attendees also heard testimonials from two other 1854 members—Dr. H. David Crombie and Susanne Yeakel—who after 40+ years of combined service to Hartford Hospital, both committed to preserving high-quality healthcare in the region for generations to come.

“I felt that it was important to invest in Hartford Hospital in a philanthropic way—and to invest in our future,” shared Yeakel, director of nursing at Hartford Hospital.

Recalling when he first witnessed a heart transplant at Hartford Hospital three decades ago, retired surgeon and emeritus chief of surgery at Hartford Hospital, Dr. Crombie, drew parallels between the hospital and a heart that must continue beating.

“We bring teams into Hartford to make sure people are cared for and that they feel a part of our hospital family,” shared Lynn B. Rossini, VP of Philanthropy at Hartford Hospital, as she recognized the new 1854 members. “We can do so many amazing things because you believe in us—and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

When individuals include Hartford Hospital in their estate plans, they help to ensure that we can continue our mission and provide care for the most vulnerable in our region for years to come. We invite you to learn more about making a planned gift and the 1854 Society by visiting hartfordhospital.myplannedgift.org.