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What aspect, budget area, or purpose within Hartford Hospital’s charitable mission would you like to strengthen or improve if you only had the resources?

What resources might you be able to use, and what practical steps would need to be taken?

What are some of the available gift planning techniques—or “vehicles”—that will help you ensure the best possible charitable outcome?

How can you shape that charitable outcome, not only for the good of the hospital’s mission, but also for the benefit of yourself and your family?

Gifts to Be Remembered

Bill & Elaine Henry's Story

A physician who had devoted his professional career to caring for children, and on his final journey home, received the same high standard of care from one of his former patients.

Hartford HealthCare has played a vital role in many of our lives, from the professionals who cared for us as infants to the first responders there for us when emergency strikes.

Hear Bill & Elaine's Story

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